About RSM Distribution

RSM Distribution was established as a home based "Cottage Industry" in December 1989 in order to provide a source for those hard to find control line products that were disappearing quickly from the local hobby shop shelves. The initial emphasis in the early years was on items such as line clips, fuel tanks, control line engines, flying lines and similar hardware.

By 1992 it became apparent that quality control line kits were simply unavailable. Most manufacturers were eliminating the C/L kits, concentrating on one or two simple profiles or a selection of 1/2A basic starter kits and the balance of their production was going to R/C kits. A control line flyer who wished to build anything other than a Ringmaster, Shoestring or one of the few kits produced by SIG was forced to obtain a set of plans and scratch build. For this reason RSM Distribution decided to get involved in kit design and manufacturing. This decision required that the company cease being a home-based "Cottage Industry" and concentrate full time on control line supply. An industrial unit was rented and the company moved from the owner’s garage to a warehouse/manufacturing location.

The popularity of the VSC showed that many control line flyers enjoyed the Old Time and Classic designs which many of us grew up with. It was decided that RSM’s primary concentration would be in this class of kits using only "contest" weight balsa. In this way the company could provide kits that were lightweight and capable of contest level performance. In 2001 we invested in a laser cutter. Although the machine was very expensive it offered extreme accuracy and the ability to make very intricate cut patterns. The result was to allow RSM to produce the finest control line kit in the marketplace. We started with the Warburton Tony and Tucker Special in 1992. As of 2013 we produce 70 kits under our own brand plus custos kits for other manufacturers. We plan to continue to add more kits each year.

Control line kit production automatically lead the company into producing it's own line of high quality control hardware such as wire flap & elevator horns, wing tip weight boxes, flap/elevator "Lucky Boxes", adjustable lead out guides, carbon fibre bell cranks, stainless steel control lines, line wrapping kits, eyelets and sleeves. In addition to these products we also have replicas of all three sizes of the Super Tigre needle valves manufactured to our specifications. We also manufacture light weight tongue mufflers for most popular control line engines.

With the advent of electric power RSM made the decision to make available fully programmed electric power systems designed for control line flight, After an expensive and extensive bench and flight testing process we now offer a truly "flip & fly" package to our customers who are nterested in this new power method.

Our company policy is to continually seek out new products that can be used by the control line flyer, stock those products or have them manufactured if they are not available and continue to add new control line kits. RSM Distribution promises that it will always deliver products ordered as quickly as possible. We promise that if a product is not available at the time you order it we will tell you that it is out of stock and also that we will tell you when we expect to receive new stock. We will never cash your check or charge your credit card until the product is actually shipped. In addition to these promises RSM Distribution guarantees that "If you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase we will either replace the product or refund your money in full". This is the way we have done business in the past and it is the only way we will ever do business in the future!

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